The Popular Bakeries Around the Fukakusa Campus

  • パン屋さん

    Playben with a homey atmosphere

What image do you have of Kyoto? I guess most people think of traditional Japanese things, such as Shrines, Temples, Matcha, and so on. However, something unique about Kyoto is that it has more bakeries than most places in Japan. The amount of consumption is the best in Japan. There are about ten bakeries near the Fukakusa Campus of Ryukoku University. So today, I would like to introduce three of these bakeries, which I recommend.

The first bakery is “eight”. It’s about a fifteen minute walk from the Fukakusa Campus. Its exterior and interior are decorated in Western style, and it’s very fashionable. I especially recommend the “vegetable pizza”. There are many vegetables on it, such as potatoes, sweet corn and broccoli. In addition, it’s very beautiful.

The second bakery is “Playben”. The most wonderful point of this bakery is its homey atmosphere. Whenever you enter this bakery, the woman who manages it greets you with a big smile. Furthermore, this bakery has a point card system. When you spend more than 200 yen, you get a sticker. When you have gotten ten stickers, you can get a free piece of bread.

The last bakery I’d like to mention is “MARUMO BAKERY”. This bakery's bread is very cheap. Everything costs only 100 yen. Even though the price is low, everything tastes great. Curry bread is the most popular item in this store.

These are the bakeries I recommend near the Fukakusa Campus . I hope you can find your own favorite bakery, and I wish you a wonderful school life.


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